First of the year.

It's 2015, a start of another great year with many great things to come. I'm starting out the year with a new blog site and I will try as hard as I can to write as much as possible as it can bring several advantages.
So what's this blog about? I have no idea to be honest but for now here are a few things I know for sure I will write about:

  • Mostly Front-End Development(HTML, Javascript, CSS, and such) thoughts and possible tutorials.
  • Opinions about new technologies related to software and hardware.
  • Tools, frameworks, sites, and other useful material.

I hope someone finds any of the information I post useful or at least entertaining.

Edgar Pino

About Edgar Pino

I’m a passionate software engineer. I currently work at Envano Interactive on application backends, server management, and finding solutions to technological challenges our clients face.