Podcasts Software Developers Should Listen To

I think we all agree that it is hard to keep up with all of the news and tools in technology. What's the hottest new Javascript framework? What's going on in other companies that affect us? We all have work, school, family, friends, and other, responsibilities which make it even harder to stop and just read all of the hottest news on Hacker News or Reddit. So how do you keep up with technology trends and news? The answer is Podcasts.

Podcasts are my favorite way of keeping on with tech news, learn about some new tool, listen to crazy stories other software developers share, and more. I was constantly just spending a lot of my time reading irrelevant information. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying reading articles is not worth your time because it's great for learning something in detail but podcast can help you decide what to focus on.

Below are my favorite podcast shows I listen to:

Software Engineering Daily

This podcast has very intersting topics that will interest all kinds of developers. Every show covers a certain topic with a guess interviewd by Jeff Meyerson. He does a great job of asking the right questions and the guess really know what they are talking about. This podcast has new (quality) shows almost everyday which makes it hard to keep.

Favorite Shows:

Javascript Jabber

If you are interested in Javascript then this one is for you. This covers topics ranging from Javascript front-end tools and libraries to server-side topics. The show usually consist of a panelist that have experience working with Javascript and then a guest related to the topic. Each podcast usually runs about an hour which is perfect for me because I usually drive for about an hour a day. If you want or already do work with Javascript then this is one you should listen to.

Favorite Shows:


If you are a web developer then you might want to listen to ShowTalk. The shows are of great quality, interesting, and very funny. The shows are hosted by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier which are well-known in the industry. Some of the shows are about controversial topics related to web development and design and others just devoted to answering questions sent by the shows listeners. I personally have asked a few questions and their responses are always helpful.

Favorite Shows:

Listening to podcast is a great way to keep up with many of the new tools, concept, ideas, and trends out there. You can listen to them while you comute to work, at the gym, at home, and pretty much anywhere. The list I have here is more towards developers but there are more categories which are as interesting.

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